What you should know about excess belly fat

What you should know about excess belly fat

Looking in front of the mirror is a simple test for the presence of belly fat. The truth is, those belly fat go beyond physical appearance.

Our belly, sometime called the tummy, mostly called the abs (short for abdomen), is one of the most visible part of the human body.   And because of this, almost every men and women are physically concerned when their belly starts to grow out of proportion.  But the truth of the matter is, belly fat is more than just a physique issue.  Having excess fat in the middle posses real health issues more than just a physical concern.

Do you know that whether a person is over weight or under weight, having a large amount of belly fat increases the risk of of having serious health problems?  Simply put, even if a person maintains a normal weight, he can be up for some real health issues by having belly fat.  To name a few, here are some of the diseases that go along with belly fat:

     Heart disease
     Colon cancer
     Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
     Sleep apnea







Why is belly fat dangerous

Belly fat is more dangerous than fat.  It is composed of two types of fat.  The first is the subcutaneous fat, located just below the skin and is on top of the abdominal muscles.   This layer of fat is not necessarily dangerous to health.  The second type is the visceral fat, situated deeper beneath the abdominal muscles and surrounds the organs.

Science revealed that having visceral fat is a threat to health.  Visceral fat is considered harmful because it is capable of provoking inflammatory pathways.  In more simple terms, the visceral fat is responsible for the consistent release of inflammatory chemicals into the body, causing an imbalance to the system.  The visceral fat pumps out immune system chemical known as Cytokines, which can cause an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.  These and other biochemicals are considered to have detrimental effects on cells reaction to blood pressure, blood clotting and insulin.

To simplify things a bit, visceral fat cells do more than just store excess calories.  Fat tissue itself acts like its own organ and is pumping out hormones that cause inflammation.  Storing the excess fat around the organs increases the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals (Cytokines).  And to add more damage to the body, cytokines interfere with hormones that regulate the appetite, weight, mood and brain function. This effect also contributes to an increasing number of obesity cases.

Get rid of these unwanted belly fat and start to feel good and look good.

Getting rid of belly fat

There are no shortcuts to remove unwanted belly fat.  There is no magic pill, no single gym equipment, and no magic diet to do the trick.  Removing excess belly fat is a combination of the food that we eat (and do not eat), what we do (our physical activities), and  rest that we give our body.

Choose a plant based diet.

Eating life foods or  plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good for the gut.  Choose light protein coming from vegetables and avoid saturated fat that comes from meat and dairy products.  Avoid processed foods at all times.  They contain high levels of trans fat that is the source of unhealthy LDL or bad Cholesterol in the body.  And also watch out for deceiving sugar beverages from artificial juices.  Instead, drink water or natural juices from fruits and vegetables.

Indulge into Physical activities everyday.

Yes.  Everyday.  According to recent studies, sitting is the new smoking.   Too many people nowadays are watching TV all day or working in front of the computer at the office.  We need to move our body to awaken every muscle.  Start an exercise program, 3o minutes per day, at least five times a week, of cardio vascular exercise such jogging and brisk walking will help a lot.  Also, incorporate strength training at least twice a week.  Just always remember to start slowly and gradually increase.  If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

Give the body the needed rest.

At the end of the day, give the body the needed rest.  It is during rest that our organs start to regenerate.  Having enough sleep provides enough time for the organs to heal and start the repair process.  Muscle also grows not while you are lifting weights, but when you are at rest.  Having enough rest also brings balance to the body.  And at the end of day, adequate rest prepares you for the next day.

In conclusion,  removing belly fat can be summed up to one word – consistency.   While starting could be easy, maintaining could be a challenge.  Always remember the health benefits of a flat belly, plus the good looks as the reward.

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Celebrate life everyday.  Live a healthy one,everyday.

Health is Health.




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