The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy You

The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy You

Do you wish to see your kids grow up?  Would you like to see them staring at you while you are lying down on the hospital bed because of your failing health? Or would you rather be healthy when you see them, play with them, have fun with them?

father and daughter


Mr. Smith, was a top executive, worked all his life to earn a decent income and to provide for his family. For the past 20 plus years, the routine was the same: He leaves home for work at 6:00 in the morning.  Works at least 12 hours. And he goes home a few hours just before midnight.  Even weekends were not spared  for he still spent those, supposedly rest days, burning the midnight oil.

A couple of years after he retired, he became very ill. He has health care, but it’s not enough. Unfortunately, all the money that he earned were spent to restore and maintain his health.  He learned the lesson the hard way.  And even though his family understood what happened, they also suffered from the financial effects of his treatment.

Mr. Smith luckily survived.  And learning from what happened, his whole family made a significant lifestyle change.  The Smiths now eat well,  engage in physical activity, rest enough and nourish relationships.

There are many Mr. Smiths around, they will sacrifice health to earn and save money.  Only to spend everything to hospital bills and medicines in the end just to be healthy again.

Your life is happening now, nobody controls your 20 years from now except you.  The achievement of your dreams and aspirations will be the result of the things you do now.  How you take care of your health has a lot to do with it.

The time is now  “The best time to prepare for a healthy future is NOW.”


you will make that decision“Only YOU can make that decision.”

Prevention is better than cure.

This saying is more relevant in this lifetime more than ever.   There is now a paradigm shift in the way people look at our health care system.  Awareness shifts from the conventional “see a doctor when you are sick” to a more proactive and preventive approach – Holistic Health.  Holistic Health is now influencing the way people see personal health care.

A typical everyday car is a good analogy.  Every time a car reaches a certain mileage, say 10,000 miles, the owner will bring the car to the manufacturer’s service center for the preventive maintenance care and a few minor repairs so that the car can run for another 10,000 miles at its best condition.  People also need such proactive maintenance.  This can be done by going to regular check up, consuming the food and having adequate rest.  This will ensure that we are good to go for another 10, 20, 30 or more years.  Holistic Health is no rocket science, it’s in fact an ancient approach to health care that considers the whole person and his interaction with the environment.

Holistic Health

The relationship of our food and its connection to the mind, body and spirit is the main focus of Holistic health. With Holistic Health, Food can be anything that is a source of Nutrition.  And it can be a little intriguing that the food that we eat is actually just secondary food.

The primary food refers to life’s essential aspects such as:

1. Relationship

2. Profession

3. Physical activity

4. Spirituality

5. Rest and Recreation.

With Holistic Health, you can take ultimate responsibility for your own health.  And it is only when you take personal responsibility, that you can truly begin to be transformed, healed and nourished.  Each one of us is unique, there is no one treatment, medication of technique that will work for us all.  Out mindset, values and attitude affect our health and they must be part of our Holistic Health care.

To sum it all up, to be totally healthy is to achieve a balance in our life, with others and our environment.  Having said this, the true definition of Holistic Health is balance.  Balance on the nourishment we receive both from our primary food, involving others, the environment and the secondary food that we consume directly.

Let us start a  journey to an active, holistic and healthy life style.  See yourself  in 20 years playing, hiking and running with your grandchildren.

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Celebrate life everyday

Celebrate life.  A healthy one is worth celebrating everyday.


Health is health.

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