Top 7 Hidden Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Top 7 Hidden Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Did you know that the Mediterranean diet rated as the “best diet of 2019” by U.S News & World Report?

Everyone is a fan of the Mediterranean diet, but why? What makes it so loved by nutrition experts?

The answer is that simple – It keeps your body and brain in tip-top condition pooled with so many health benefits.

If you want to engage into a new diet, or improve an existing one where your success rate can be that high, you would like to give Mediterranean diet a shot. 

This so called Mediterranean diet can give you a push to reach your health and fitness goals without forcing into ketosis or cutting carbs.

But, but, but….!

With so much excitement, just keep in mind that the Mediterranean diet comes with some entailed commitment.

And you know what? Adhering to its simple guideline is the secret to a healthy mind and body.

In this article, we’ll learn some hidden benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

7 Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

We are not just saying it. Science has proven that the Mediterranean diet is enormously beneficial to your overall health.

Some of the many health benefits of following this Mediterranean diet are:

1. Promotes Heart Health

Most people in the United States have heart disease.

Luckily, the Mediterranean diet surely nurtures your heart.

A study shows that the Mediterranean diet followers observed significant low blood pressure readings just after six months of consistent food intake.

This natural diet can reduce the risk of bad cholesterol and several heart disease by up to 40%.

2. Longer Life Span

A healthy intake of food is the ticket to a long, healthy life.

A Research suggests that the Mediterranean diet is vital for improved life quality and increased lifespan.

The nutrition-rich Mediterranean foods promote successful aging and slow down the growth of diseases associated with aging.

3. Reduced Cancer Risk

Choosing fresh foods over processed one helps your body build a strong resistance against cancer-causing elements. 

According to a comprehensive research, people living in the United States have higher incidence of cancer than those living in the Mediterranean region.

4. Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Sugar is sweet, but diabetes is not.

Eating the naturally sweet, nutritious fruits help drive out your diabetes.

A paper published in Nutrition Today explains that eating a Mediterranean diet slashes the risk of diabetes development by up to 40%. It also protects against cardiovascular disease and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Learn more about type 2 diabetes in detail.

5. Weight Loss

Obesity has a direct connection with a great percentage of chronic diseases.

With a Mediterranean diet, you don’t need to give a daily trip to the gym to stay fit.

Clean, healthy eating with a few simple exercise can help you stay in shape.

A study reveals that the Mediterranean diet results in more, quick weight loss than any other diet plan.

6. Cheerful Mood

Being “hangry” can make you cranky.

Alternatively, a good Mediterranean diet lightens up your mood.

Recipe ingredients of the Mediterranean diet can help release happy hormones.

Turkish Baklava with almonds and aromatic spices will surely bring a smile on your face.

7. Improved Brain Power

Our brain is the command center, the most complex organ, and it never sleeps.

The brain, which is 2% of our body weight, consuming a significant 20% of the total energy produced by the body allows us to feel, think, speak, and more.

This vital organ requires the much needed nourishment like fats, mineral salts and glucose –such nutrients significantly supplied by the Mediterranean diet.  

Nuts, almonds, and olive oil to name a few, ensure better brainpower.

 List of Foods to Eat on a Mediterranean Diet

  • Vegetables: Kale, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, arugula, squash, mushrooms, fennel, potatoes, turnips, garlic, onions, cucumber, zucchini, cauliflower, eggplant, and more.
  • Fruits: Lemons, peaches, grapes, olives, apples, grapefruit, pears, melons, grapes, barriers, apricots, oranges, and more.
  • Seafood: Tuna, sardines, oysters, mussels, salmon, flounder, cod, tilapia, tuna, shrimp, and more.
  • Beverages: Water, coffee, tea, wine (in moderation).
  • Whole grains: Brown rice, farro, bulgur, oats, barley, millet, etc.
  • Seeds & nuts: Almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • Legumes: Beans, lentils, peanuts, peas, etc.
  • Dairy: Mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, feta cheese, yogurt, etc.
  • Eggs: chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs, etc.
  • Meats
  • Herbs and spices

 Mediterranean diet is more than just the food. It’s a treat. It’s a lifestyle. 

From boosting your mood to reducing the risk of severe heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer, Mediterranean diet is your secret to a longer, healthier life.

How can you resist delectable, mouth-watering, palatable yet nutritious eats? 

Try a few Mediterranean diet recipes and enjoy unlimited health benefits it has to offer.

Mediterranean diet – a diet like there is no diet at all.

We found a few authentic Mediterranean recipes. Click the link to get a free starter.

Start your Mediterranean lifestyle.


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