Lifestyle Change for Type 2 Diabetes.

Lifestyle Change for Type 2 Diabetes.

A lot of people consider going into a diet program as a solution to type 2 diabetes.  They tend to forget that their lifestyle is causing them their health.
There are a million diets out there, from A to Z.  Consequently, there are millions of claims out there about the positive change it can bring to our health.   While almost all of these claims can be true,  effects of “dieting” is short term.  To be able to avoid, reverse and control type 2 diabetes, require that we do something more significant –  a  Lifestyle Change.

 Why a Lifestyle Change

 For most  people with type 2 diabetes, the key is to watch out what you eat ( and not eat) and what you do (and don’t do).  These are the two basic factors that will dictate your  future.  Having said this, a short term fix such as a diet will probably work short term while you are doing the diet.  Two questions that you would like to answer if in case you are in any program:  (1)  Is it something you can sustain? and (2)  What is your next step after the program?
Can you relate to this? Or do you know someone with type 2 diabetes that lose a lot of weight on a diet only to find out that he gained back more pounds a few months after?  The same can happen to someone without type 2 diabetes.  Though managing your weight alone has very little to do with diabetes, the effects can be alarming if not properly managed.  For example, sudden spikes and drop of blood sugar in the body can have adverse effect which can even be more harmful.  This is why we believe that a lifestyle change is long term and  more life transforming.

Planning your lifestyle change

Making a decision to do a lifestyle change is a big step.  But getting into a lifestyle change require that you start with a plan.  A well crafted, thought of,   plan that you will execute.  Below are some life changing tips on how to plan to a lifestyle change:

 1.  Plan.

This is the most important because everything that you will do for your transformation will start from here.  This will be your  freedom blueprint on how you will get better from your current state of type 2 diabetes.  Or if you are in a prediabetes stage, this is your framework on how you will bring down your blood sugar level to normal and prevent developing to type 2 diabetes.  Before starting to plan, may we suggest that you do a simple meditation  to free your mind from any unnecessary worries.

Here are some tips that you can do on your planning day:

a.   Go to a quiet place, you can even plan to go out out of town.  Or a new healthy place, where you can have coffee and eat healthy while planning.
b.  Remember, what gets written, gets done.  So write it or type it in your computer and later on print and insert it in your planner or post on a board.  Just make sure you get to see and read your plan.
c. Set long term and short term plans.   Set  two to three long term plans and a minimum of three short term plans.  Remember, your plan needs to be S.M.A.R.T. All these aspects are important and  with the emphasis on the time lines, or schedule as to when is your target date.
d.  Write down as many benefit if you will be successful with your plans.  For example, if you’ll be able to bring down your weight to a certain level, say in two months, you will be able to go  back to running or hiking again.  Think of as many benefits if you achieve your goals.  Why do this?  This will keep you going during trying times when you want to just quit.  Always visualize it. Claim it!  This is very powerful.
e.    Take small breaks.  Set five to ten minute breaks every so often, to rest your eyes, rest you mind and align your posture.  Look outside and see the trees.  Walk a few steps and do some stretching.  Close your eyes and visualize achieving one of your goals.  You’ll be surprised to feel refreshed and energized, ready to plan again.
 2.  Take small steps.
In executing your plan, you need to take action.  Taking small steps, like for example, reducing you sugar in your coffee by a teaspoon starting today, is a step ahead.  Waking up an hour earlier to start to do brisk walking can be another step ahead.  Meditating before sleeping to empty your mind before sleeping can be another step forward.  Such small steps can be a huge motivation to take more actions towards your success.
Celebrate life everyday
 3.  Celebrate successes.
Taking small steps towards your plan are emotional motivators.  Celebrating success, like treating yourself (or the family) to an overnight trip or a simply a good massage to celebrate your success can boost more success.  Because rewards are proven positive motivators, always remember to reward yourself for achieving a milestone – no matter how big or how small.
 4.  Find a group of like minded people.
While their is no doubt that one can execute a plan to make health better, joining a group of like minded people can reinforce your health plans.  You can look for a community in your area who are also type 2 diabetics working on their plan or join a local group who are meeting up every morning to do walking, Tai chi or any group exercise that can fit your plan.  There are also a number of groups online that you can find.  You can learn a lot from them and at the same time, you can also share your thoughts as well.

Meditation and type 2 diabetes

Earlier I mentioned meditation as a start to set the mood for planning.  Meditation  can also be use for better health.  Because meditation can maintain normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels, boost the immune system and improve digestion.  People with health issues often turn to meditation to pacify the disease.
Meditation has supported the recovery process in those with excessive stress in life. Calming the mind, body, and spirit through meditation can help the body rest better so that it can focus on health and healing.
Click on the link if you want a free report on how Meditation works for type 2 diabetes.

 Getting to the root cause

At the end of the day, adopting a healthy lifestyle is the way to transformation to improved health.  You can try resorting to Metformin and other prescription drugs or depend on insulin injections.  But always keep in mind that the real cure to type 2 diabetes is to get to the root cause of the problem.  Have a look at your lifestyle, eating life foods, doing the right things and getting into healthy habits is getting to the bottom of the cause type 2 diabetes.
To live life is a marathon, not a 100 meter dash.  To live life healthy is an ultra marathon.  See yourself as somebody strong and healthy.  Doing the thing you love.  Spending time with loved ones.  Away from your fears of not having enough money to pay for type 2 diabetes medication.  How bright life can be for you if you are free from this disease.

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