Heart health

Heart health

A heart-healthy season of love.

As we celebrate Valentine’s day, let’s talk about heart health and remember this central part that keeps the love alive.

A normal person has a heart the size of a fist.  It serves as the central pumping station for  2,000 gallons of blood flowing through approximately 60,ooo miles of blood vessels by pumping 100,000 times to supply blood to almost all the body’s 75 trillion cells.  And together with blood vessels and lungs, the heart supplies the body with the nutrients, oxygen and other gases needed by the body to function.

Number One cause of death

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) , cardio vascular diseases (CVDs) remain the number one cause of death globally.  Latest 2015 statistics show that almost 18 million people died from heart diseases, representing a big 31% of all deaths globally.  Imagine almost one third of the entire cause of death worldwide due to heart diseases. Followed by pulmonary, lower respiratory and lung cancer that claimed almost 8 million lives or almost 14%.

Over three fourths of CVD deaths come from low and middle income countries.   The worst part is, many people are uneducated and they thing that a heart disease is just bad luck, is a destiny or an accident.  And the number of heart related deaths increase through the years.

The Good News

Here’s the good news though.  Just like any other disease, CVDs can be prevented.   By simply changing our mindset, lifestyle and beliefs, we can control, take charge of our health and have a healthy heart.

Here are some things we can start to live heartily healthy:

Eat (and drink) healthy.  You are what you eat and drink.  This Valentine can be a good start to eat healthy.  Start eating more plant base produce.  More greens in the plate to replace artificial and processed foods.  More fish and white meat as substitute to red meat.  By doing so, you are a step closer to a better blood circulation.  Also start drinking real fruit and vegetable extracts, you can do juicing yourself, there are many extractors that are available from your nearby stores or online. If you decide to buy packed juices, make sure to read the label – most are just artificial flavors with lots of sugar.

Get Active.  A proper diet combined with the right exercise will take you another step further for a better heart health.  Diet alone is not enough.  There must be some form of physical activity.  Move your body. Walk or jog outdoors.  Join outdoor activities.   Where is the best place to do this?  The answer – Outdoors. You can simply go to a park, walk inside the village, or in track oval.  Enjoy the sun and get the free vitamin D readily absorbed by the skin.  Activities at the gym is also good, most specially during rainy days.  Regular physical activities make the muscles and bones strong.

Breathe clean air.  We breathe 24 hours a day.  Whether asleep or awake, we breathe.  If you are smoking, quit. If your are not smoking, get away from second hand smoke that can kill you faster.  What you breathe in goes into the lungs, into the blood, into the heart and thus into the whole body.   Oxygenate the body by proper breathing.  Taking deep, slow breaths from time to time, provide adequate oxygen in the body, plus the experience of relaxation.  Try this breathing exercise, slowly inhale for three seconds,  hold for one second and slowly exhale for 5 seconds.  Do this continuously for 5  times and see the difference.  Enjoy the free, priceless, benefits of clean air.


Relax and Rest.  You are what you think.  Even if you eat healthy,  do healthy stuffs, and breathe correctly, but if you don’t believe that you are healthy, then you not aligned with yourself.  This is usually manifested if a person is under stress.  Though it is easier said that done, learn to relax, take it easy.  Everybody needs time to relax.  If, next time, you find yourself in a stressful situation, try this one:  take 5 minutes of quiet time,  close your eyes, do the breathing exercise, fill your mind with good thoughts – the dream vacation you planned,  the family event over weekend, or the concert to watch tonight.  Do this, and you’ll be relieved, relaxed and you can go back better doing things better and faster.  And at the end of the day, we need rest,  between 6 to 8 hours of sleep, to prepare us for another day tomorrow.


Enjoy this special day of hearts.  And may we all have a good, strong and healthy one.

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To long life and great health.

Health is Health.


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