8 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Path to Your 100th Birthday

8 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Path to Your 100th Birthday

Do you want to know the secret of a healthy and long life?

Aging is undeniable. But celebrating a three digit birthday is an amazing yet a rare achievement.

“In 2016, the number of centenarians was around 450,000. However, the Gerontology Research Group says that there were only 46 people who are past 110. And the number is predicted to increase manifold by 2050.”

Believe it, reaching or crossing that 100 is not just about genes and luck. Your daily habits and actions play a great role in defining your longevity.

Here are some proven ways to make your path to your 100th birthday.

Be Wise with Your Diet

Processed food? It is the biggest enemy of your health. Eat healthy and natural.

On the island of Ikaria, Greece, residents of the age above 80 tell that the secret of their longevity is eating sparingly. They eat whatever nature offers them – in the gardens, seas, and the wild.

 Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, and omega-3 enrich fatty acid. Feed your body enough vitamins and calcium.

Rejuvenate Your Body 

A tired body is worse. It makes you sick and lazy. So, refresh your body every day. Get as more massages as you can. Massage enhances the production of oxytocin- a mediator of well-being, anti-stress, and growth. And it also helps normalize blood pressure.

Walk More Than Often

It really doesn’t require you to be a gym freak or do 60 minutes exercise every day. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, even a ‘low dose’ of daily activity can boost life span by 22% in adults of age 60 and above.

Take an after-dinner walk or a good morning stroll. Even a few hours of window shopping at your favorite mall can do the job.

See the World through Optimistic Eyes

Life is not always a bed of roses and sunshine. But improving how you see your life can add to numbers to your age.

Are you naturally a glass-half-empty kind of person? Learn to treat others with affection, find the positive in an odd situation, and focus on optimistic thoughts. Positivity decreases depression and increases your lifespan.

Be a Friend with Nature

What could be more lovely than being with nature? Sit outside every morning to take in fresh air, walk on wet grass, and enjoy birds chirping.  All these can significantly contribute to your life span.

Dr. Gresh- a rheumatologist in Florida, says that watching the sunset every evening may reduce the level of cortisol- a stress hormone.

Celebrate Every Winning Moment

Studies show that isolation and loneliness are linked to a higher rate of death.

So, enjoy every small activity with your social circle. According to a report published in the British Medical Journal, enjoyment of life over the years promotes well-being, positive attitude, and thus longevity. 

Having close friends may improve your life span as you stay away from smoking and laziness. Love and happy emotions boost your mental and emotional health as well.

Do Justice with Your Mind

Relax and relax more. Let things go. Be stress-free. Kick laziness. Take the bad out.

Your mind needs to be happy. With a fresh mind, you can make happy decisions and take healthy actions, adding to your longevity.

Sleep like A Kid

Put all tensions in a dark corner and sleep deep like a baby. Healthy sleep makes you feel energized, and you wake up fresh and ready for every task.

Bottom Line

The list of things you can do to boost your lifespan doesn’t end here. However, above are some of the best ways to stay healthier and add to your longevity.

Take a print of this article and paste on your fridge’s door. Or simply set a daily reminder on your phone. Let it be a slow process- apply one tip each day. Soon, you’ll be doing all of these.

The healthier your mind and body, the more you add to your number of years.

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